HME Audit Key LogoThe out of control Medicare audit system puts paperwork before patients.

That’s why AAHomecare has launched the new HME Audit Key.

To successfully work towards audit reform, the industry must move towards a true and complete picture of audit activity and its impact.

Called the HME Audit Key, this new audit tracking system will quantify the impacts of audits and present compelling data that policymakers cannot ignore. This is a massive, long term commitment that will benefit the entire industry and AAHomecare is committed to making sure it is given the resources it needs to succeed.

AAHomecare worked closely with the American Hospital Association (AHA) on their RACTRAC survey tool and has contracted with Provider Consulting Solutions, the company that developed that program.
AAHomecare is embarking on a funding campaign that will run over the next two years to raise the $250,000 necessary to sustain the HME Audit Key. As industry leaders, please show your commitment to this important initiative.

The HME Audit Key needs company and individual donations to help the industry. Please show your support. If you need further information or an invoice, please contact Sue Mariena at To give online, click below. DONATE ONLINE

Help Us Reach our Goal

Your Letters to Congress

HME Audit Key Fundraising

Click here to send a letter to your elected officials in support of audit reform. Please add your voice to this important debate.


The HME Audit Key needs company and individual donations to help the industry. Please show your support. Email if you would like to be invoiced. To give online, click below.

One comment on “HME AUDIT KEY

  1. lizann pezent

    I’m the owner of Medical Equipment of Jackson. We have really been hit hard with the medicare audits. All of our patients truly qualify for every piece of equipment we put out. Our medical records, doctors orders, overnight studies, ect., without doubt proove the patients meet the criteria according to the medicare guidelines to be eligible. My company has always followed the medicare guidelines. I’m really upset about this very unfair situation. We haven’t been paid in almost a year on most of our audits. I’m asking for some advice on how to speed the audit process up. We are struggling bad financially due to this. I would love to meet with someone and our doctors will be happy to write a letter regarding the audits. DME businesses and innocent patients are suffering, this is so sad.
    Thanks again,
    Lizann Pezent

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